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on January 10, 2015
The compelling title and beautiful cover of this book immediately draws interest, and the message of hope found within the pages is a wonderful source of encouragement. Written with deep warmth, compassion, honesty, and sincerity, this is the story of someone who overcame challenges by learning to trust God, and relying on faith.

Highly Recommended

By Tiffany Brittain on July 2, 2017

Several years ago God allowed my path to cross with Connie. I have read both of her books from cover to cover. They are full of wisdom, knowledge, and life lessons that God gave her to share with us. Last year, Connie came to our church and spoke to our ladies. It was very encouraging to me for her to share her story. Through the hard times and the good times she gives God the glory for where she is at this point in her life.  I’m very thankful that God saw fit for our paths to not only cross but to blossom our friendship into what it is today. I am proud to call Connie Raney my friend and mentor.

A big fan of yours